Guided Tapping Sessions

Chronic sadness, anger, guilt, fear and addiction are indicators of unresolved emotional issues from past experiences. If something is not helpful, why hold onto it?

Suffering is not the consequence of living, it is a symptom of perspective.

Tapping combines physically tapping with fingers specific acupressure points based on Traditional Chinese Medicine with spoken affirmations and declarations. Various sequences and phrases are repeated until the root or initial cause of trauma is discovered and released. Tapping requires the willingness to acknowledge issues, bring them to the surface, and release them instead of continuing to allow them to have a place in the body. 

Tapping is now recognized by modern psychology as an effective therapy to release and reduce stress, illness, and pain caused by a build up of harmful emotional patterns from trauma. 

With private guided tapping sessions, Kaylee will help you prioritize your health goal(s) and you will learn appropriate techniques and responses for releasing harmful patterns of thought and behavior. 

Tapping workshops are also a great experience for groups in work and community!

Private session prices
30 minutes $50 USD
60 minutes $90 USD
120 minutes $110 USD
Workshop prices
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