What is Thai Yoga?

Thai Yoga is a manual ("hands-on") healing therapy used in Thailand with roots from Indian Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine and other ancient healing influences. The practitioner uses yoga postures and body weight to apply various levels of compression and movement to the relaxed body of the client. Thai Yoga uses "the whole person to work the whole person". The practitioner uses proper body alignment to move the client's body into proper alignment. The practitioner works in a state of meditation to promote a meditative state for the client.

Breathing, meditation and loving kindness are the basis of Thai Yoga therapy! A balanced body needs a balanced mind and spirit because all are connected. Injury, illness, and repeated stress to the physical, emotional and spiritual layers can ALL contribute to physical, emotional and spiritual ailments if left unresolved. Thai Yoga brings awareness to these connections by releasing stress stored in the physical tissues and promoting a mindset and lifestyle of health and well-being.

The time in which ailments can be resolved depends on what the original cause is. Thai Yoga is a supplemental therapy in your healing process, just as all experiences in life are supplemental in creating who you are now. Thai Yoga supports you in living more powerfully and peacefully with less limitations. No one can heal for you just as no one can live for you. Healing happens within.


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What is SomaVeda®?

"Term first used in 1992: SomaVeda Integrated Traditional Therapies® is a system of sustainable, vitalistic therapeutics and counseling that integrates the art and science of both ancient and modern world wide indigenous traditions of healing... designed and developed by Anthony B. James offered by the NAIC Tribal Organization. "


Who is Kaylee?

My life in words:
dancing, writing, speaking, listening, thinking, being

I am a human with experiences, like you. I am my beliefs and perception. Thai Yoga and wellness workshops are a significant way I give love, reset intentions, and translate energy. I enjoy opportunities to learn about myself, and I see those opportunities everywhere! I experiment with interests to see what makes sense to me, what is useful, and what can be left alone.

I co-authored a book titled "When the Bee Stings" available on Amazon
I write songs. Listen on SoundCloud

I write observations. Read my blog
I am completing classes for a Doctorate of Natural Medicine degree.

I was born in northwest USA, raised in Michigan, USA, university-educated in Chicago and China. I traveled many places in the United States and other countries.

I am here as a support for those seeking wellness. Everyone deserves to be well and balanced, and I believe everyone has the power to do so if we all remember what it means to experience life. More healthy people promotes better living for all. The health of one affects the health of all.

There are infinite ways to heal and equally as many guides. I use Thai Yoga because I experienced the powerful results in myself and in others I have worked with. Thai Yoga techniques are as versatile as the needs of people and can be used with anyone. No hierarchy or prerequisites, Thai Yoga meets everyone where they are and promotes balance, peace and change. As a Thai Yoga Practitioner and Teacher, I guide people to their own awareness so they can strenthen themselves and guide others.

Healing begins with an awareness that life can be different. To be well, one must believe they can be well. Everyone has the power to change themselves because healing comes from within. Health is a mindset just as much as it is a biological state of being, and it is different for everyone. No one has lived your exact combination of experiences. No one can live for you. No one can heal for you.

-reduce inflammation

-reduce blood pressure

-reduce pain

-reduce cardiac stress

-reduce toxicity

-reduce insomnia

-reduce anxiety / depression symptoms

-increase relaxation

-increase range of motion

-increase mobility

-increase energy

-increase circulation

-increase oxygen intake

-increase joy / peace

-support lymphatic drainage

-support immune system

-support respiration

-support mind/body connection

-support emotional balance

Common benefits from Thai Yoga

SomaVeda® 7 Sessions

("SomaVeda® Therapeutic Day program")   

The SomaVeda® 7 sessions package incorporates 7 different sequences of Thai Yoga techniques with other therapeutic modalities for a truly wholistic individualized healing experience! 

"Every individual session and or component of the SomaVeda® Therapeutic Day program is unique and different. Think of the program as not just a treatment but a journey of discovery into the possibilities of healing based on this traditional therapeutic model."


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Certified SomaVeda Thai Yoga Practitioner (2018)

Certified SomaVeda Thai Yoga Teacher (2019)


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